Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{Life} Awash With White

White Wash White Wash
White Wash White Wash White Wash
I decided last week that I wanted ALL my furniture to be white; I'll admit I got a little obsessive over it, but I did manage to make a big dent into the project. I managed to paint two bed side tables and two coffee tables though the process was rather annoying. The paint I got was a gloss acrylic from British Paints and it was horrible, horrible quality. It took four coats to get any of the pieces to look remotely good and still could have done with another two. That, for me, is pretty silly. The paint wasn't cheap, and I expected better performance. After the fact, about three people told me that Duluxe is the best, and all I had to say to that was 'thanks but a bit late'. Also, I ruined my manicure and a dress. That's how clever I am.

I threw the shot off my desk in because I want to paint it, and it included my glasses pre snap (sadness!)
I am picking a new pair today thankfully, because I am not coping with my bent and wonky pair. Come follow me on Twitter and you might see some picks of the potential newbies today.

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. I love the elegance of white furniture! Hope your project turned out as you wanted! Will be tuning in for more pics!!

    Have a wonderful day!
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