Who am I?
I am Samantha Alice, a 26 year old currently living in a small town near the coast in Australia in the best little house with an enormous garden and a bratty cat named Frankie. I love clothes and try to sew as much as I can. I am like crazy obsessed with DIY and design in any shape and I am always running out of space for all my projects and pretty things. I think that cameras may be one of the best things ever invented and love taking photos whenever I can. I like buying things but also believe consumers have a responsibility to think about their impact on this fabbo planet and I try to make a difference in my little way. I am super passionate about human rights and want to honour the traditional owners of the land on which I live. I guess I am mostly a contradiction of sorts and I love it. My favourite word is lovely, I drink too much diet coke and my favourite band is the Kills. Oh and I love True Blood. I am also moving to London next January, so slightly obsessed with all things English.

What do I do?
At the moment I am a student teacher about five months away from becoming a High School design teacher, focusing on textiles design and graphic design. I also come from a short lived background in Art History; I have a Bachelor of Art Theory from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. Somewhere in there (Wow I have been busy) I have a certificate in Applied Fashion Design. I love love love teaching, but I hope that it will also allow me to follow other paths in the arts. Eventually I want to be a teacher slash cafe/bookstore/boutique owner slash photographer slash graphic designer slash wedding hair braider. And yes, I know, that is a lot of slashes.

How did le'lOVE come to be?
I probably read about 30 blogs a day and I am always so impressed with peoples creativity and dedication. One day I woke up and the clearest thought popped into my head 'You can do that blog thing and you can do it really well'. I jumped straight onto my computer and it began in November 2011. Since then I have focused on throwing myself headfirst into le'LOVE and the amazing blogging community. I believe in quality content that people enjoy and I hope I deliver. I also hope that my dedication shines through in everything I do.

How can you help le'LOVE?
If you would like to help this blogger out you can like the le'LOVE Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, join via Bloglovin' or HelloCotton and tell your friends about me. Oh, and of course keep visiting and leaving awesome comments- you have no idea how happy comments make me.

If you are a small business or blog and think that your brand fits with le'LOVE you can find information about sponsorship here.

How can you be involved?
If you are a fellow blogger or think you have something to share, I am mad for guest posts and can always find room in my schedule for other creatives to work with le'LOVE. I am also willing to write guest posts for other blogs. Drop me a line at leloveblog5[at]gmail.com and I will be sure to get back to you asap.

What cameras do I use?
At the moment I have a Panasonic Lumix DC Vario, my iPhone 3GS, iSight web cams on my mac computers and my trusty Holga. I'd love a DSLR but life always seems to get in the way of me buying one.

Who designed le'LOVE?
I did! With my limited but developing web design skills and Photoshop I have spent many hours working on the design and will continue to in the future. I don't think I will ever stop making changes but for the moment I have banned myself from redesigning le'LOVE because it takes up so much time.

Would I design other blogs?
At the moment I am very busy trying not to fail uni but I would be open to working with bloggers on a case by case basis to design banners, logos and badges.

I love my blog and it is the most fun part of my day.

xx Samantha Alice


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