Monday, January 30, 2012

{Review} Natio Brow Kit + Colour Complexion Corrector

I am a blogger on a mission. I am downright determined to stop buying makeup on the fly just because I need it and it is cheap. I want products that suit me, my skin type and my lifestyle. I used to just assume that a product would work for me, buy it, then be disappointed. I probably just got down on myself, thinking that of course it didn't make my skin look amazing because my skin is awful and oily and has pores the size of the grand canyon.
I am done with this. There must  be products out there that will correct some of my skin issues and give me some daily confidence, so my search has begun. I am starting out with low to mid range products as if I can manage to find products that are perfect for my skin and my wallet then that is fab! I will not stop until I find what I am looking for, however, and if that takes me to expensive makeup counters then so be it (I should get a job then, shouldn't I?)

Friday, January 27, 2012


Well it is still depressingly dreary here where I live; into our fifth day of floods and about a week of torrential rain. Also, I am ill and intend to lay around all day watching movies and eating yummy food. I haven't had the energy to get something together for my Designer Friday feature,  I know, I am a bad blogger. Luckily IFB came to the rescue and featured me in Links a la Mode which is very exciting! So instead of reading about excellent Australian designers, you can sink your teeth into these twenty fabulous posts. Enjoy!

LINKS A LA MODE: January 26th

Friday, January 20, 2012

{Art} Designer Friday-Aussie Blog Roundup

I did it again. I got to midnight and started thinking that maybe I should write a post for tomorrow. This week has been exhausting and taxing on my brain which hasn't left much for le'LOVE. What do I do when my brain is mushy? An Australian blog roundup seems like a swell idea. So here it is; 5 Aussie blogs I am in love with (and you will be too!)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Art} Small Worlds

In between writing the most enormous research project (it is nearly finished YAY!) I have been secretly working on something exciting, and not just a virtual shopping list.
I'd like to give you a sneak peak into a series of illustrations I am working on called 'Small Worlds'.

I am hoping that they will be available as prints for sale by the end of March this year.
Inspired by tiny worlds and all the beauty around us that our eyes don't see.

{Fashion} If I had a Million Dollars I'd be Wearing

Well not really a million dollars, just markedly more cash than I have now really. I am very broke and very busy which means I haven't made any clothes of late and haven't been able to shop, a combination I am less than thrilled about. I have major plans for sewing during my measly month off uni, but what's a bet I lie around blogging and reading instead? I hardly get any time off study because I have studied over summer these last two years. I forget what a holiday feels like really. Oh well, that is enough whining. Let's look at these pretties instead.

Friday, January 13, 2012

{Fashion} Designer Friday+Byrd Holland Designs

Byrd Holland

Those who get to know me figure out pretty fast that I am not one of those very patriotic people; I love my country and think it is awesome that I get to live here and be happy and have loads of sunshine. I just don't gab on about it.  I am, however, crazily passionate about Australian designers; I happen to think that we have some of the most amazing, brilliant, outstanding and down right talented designers in the world. We bring a different aesthetic to the table; whether it be in fashion, interiors or graphic design. It really is true that, on a generalised level anyway, us Aussies are more relaxed. This tends to show through in our creativity. 
I could talk forever about how much I love Australian designers and how important I think supporting them is, all day. But I won't bore you with my words. Instead I'll show you. Introducing one such amazing Australian design brand: Byrd Holland Designs, a Sydney based business run by Maria Gallifuoco. I chatted with Maria about her brand and what makes her tick.

Monday, January 9, 2012

{Life} My Belated 26 by 27 List

Have you ever noticed something and then not stopped seeing it, like everywhere? I came across a blog post that listed the 23 things the writer wanted to do by the time they were 24; it was their 23 by 24 list. I hadn't heard of this before, but since then I swear they are all over the place. I thought why not give it a whirl.

Well Whirl I did. I am sharing it with you here because quite a lot of them relate to blogging and other online projects. So here it is, my 26 by 27. It is a bit late given that my 26th was last August  but oh well. And yes, I know, I am old; so very old.

26 by 27

Some of these may seem a little on the silly side but I wanted to give myself a chance for small wins.

Have you set goals for the year or have a list like mine? Tell me all about it in the comments!
Also my vintage sewing giveaway is still running so head over HERE and enter for your chance to win some vintage goodies.

Adieu x

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Guest Post} Kayleigh + A London Winter

Today I am bringing you another guest post, this one all the way from the UK. Kayleigh runs a fashion blog that looks at trends and other fashion news and today she is going to share some top winter trends.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Designer Friday// Damn You Alexis// Megan Moir Pardy

Damn you Alexis Damn you Alexis

Fashion// Me// Hottest day of the year


Life// Post Holidays Cleanse

Did you indulge a little over the holidays? I sure did. I usually don't eat any sugar and I crammed quite a bit of chocolate into three days over Christmas. All that excess has left me feeling a little sluggish and wanting a bit of a cleanse. In comes my go to, super healthy, chicken and vegetable soup. You'll love it, I promise. Vegetable Soup

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Review// What Kaelah Bee Taught Me

Writing for this blog, making the art work, designing the layout and interacting with my lovely readers might seem like a simple thing. Turns out it is the most fulfilling thing I have ever ever ever done in my 26 years. It makes me happy on every possible level and something tells me that it can only get better from here. In the hopes that I can make le'LOVE the best little blog it can be and continue on my cloud nine ride, I want to learn all I can about this tricky business. I want to know the tricks so I can improve, and the pitfalls so I can avoid them like the plague.

When I came across Kaelah Bee and her brilliant blog Little Chief Honey Bee I was more than impressed, I was down right inspired. You can imagine my sheer delight when I read she had written en eBook about successful blogging; I just about fell off my chair.

Art// Scribblings


Guest Post// Melon Heart// Smart Shoping

So here is the first of (I hope) many guest posts for le'LOVE. I am excited to bring you a great post from Melon Heart- you guys remember her from my feature last week. She has some great tips for smart shopping. 

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tunes// Lana Del Rey

Can't help hitting repeat on these two gems. Such a dreamy voice and the styling for these clips is spot on.

Adieu x

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not Fashion// Maude and Tilda


Cheap(ish) and cheerful, Maude and Tilda are your antidote to OTT Parisian fashions and ten thousand dollar bags. They may also be a cure for your consumer guilt.

IFB Project #28// Wish Board


I am not the kind of person to have daily affirmations and mood boards. I think it's brilliant if others are into it, it has just never sat well with me. However, after attempts at making a makeup tutorial video this week I realised a few things about myself that might need some work. I found it so hard to even speak up with confidence in front of my computer and the thought of actually posting the video made me want to hurl. So when this weeks IFB project was about creating vision boards for twenty twelve and blogging goals I ignored the squirmy feeling in my gut and gave it a go. If I need some confidence why not make it a visual goal?


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