Monday, November 28, 2011



I don't know about you, but something happens to my life when my space is messy and unorganised. I just don't cope at all. Maybe this is why my ideal shopping trip is to the organisation section of Ikea or Howard's Storage World. If there is something to make my life easier I want ten of them and I want someone to come into my house and sort it for me. Some people daydream about holidays, I daydream about modular wall units and filing systems. I know, I know, I am disturbed.

Friday, November 25, 2011


love visiting local markets but not just for the shopping. I tend to never have any money when the markets are on so I just go to stroll and look at all the pretty things. What I love most about a good market are the interesting ways the stalls are decorated; they all look so lovely against the country backdrop. My favourite decoration at the moment is bunting. No idea what I am talking about?


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