Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Review} Bourjois Healthy Mix Vs Healthy Mix Serum Foundations

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation is all the rage isn't it? Beauty bloggers love the stuff. So I was keen to try it and see how it worked with my oily skin. I went through a bottle and liked it enough to replace it, but when my mum went to get it from Priceline for me because she was near the store, they only had the more expensive serum version so I have ended up being able to try both. So here are my thoughts...

Regular Healthy Mix:

  • Very light weight 
  • Light to medium coverage
  • Very blendable but can be blended too far out to nothing
  • Good shade match for my lightish olive skin- number 53
  • Doesn't last long- a few hours at most even with my Mattify Cosmetics Ultra powder
  • Has a slight dewy finish which isn't great for oily skin 
  • Doesn't really set that well on the skin
  • Great price for what it is
  • Smells ok- I have read about the fruity scent but really couldn't smell it
  • Did not make me break out
  • The packaging is annoying- the pump leaks and after a certain point no more product will come through even though there is loads left. Because it is a crazy plastic contraption, there is no way of getting to the dregs which is a waste.
Healthy Mix Serum:
  • Great texture
  • Light to medium coverage though more buildable than the regular version
  • Blendable but doesn't go as sheer as regular
  • Same shade as regular
  • Sets on the face better providing longer wear
  • I don't seem to need as much powder to get it to set/last longer
  • Has a very slight dewy finish but is much more suited to my skin 
  • Around double the price of regular Healthy Mix
  • No breakouts so far
  • The Packaging is a winner for me- it is glass and the top can come off providing access to the product directly, not just through the pump. The pump leaks a little but so far it isn't an issue.
Over all I like them both, but the serum formula seems to sit better on my oily open pored skin so for now I am happy with it. However, the price of the regular foundation may entice me back as I did like how it looked whilst it lasted.

xx Samantha Alice
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  1. I've always been curious about Bourjois products. We don't have them here in Hawai'i, but I'm planning on picking up some when I go to Europe this summer. I have dry skin, so what would you recommend I should pick up? I can be anything...eye shadow, primer?

  2. I've been wanting to try this for a while too, I ended up buying another one that I really didn't like.. Oh well!.. x


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