Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{Tutorial} DIY Lit Up Heart Art

Lit up heart Art I am SO pleased with how this simple little project turned out- it looks great and hardly took any time at all. It just so happens that this DIY is being posted around Valentines day but I think you could make something similar anytime. Hope you like it!
You will need:
Lit up heart Art
  1. A canvas painted in your choice of colour- I went for a rustic textured white.
  2. Battery powered fairy lights- I used red. Make sure you use the string lights, not a loop.
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Scissors
  5. A Dress makers pin
Lit up heart Art To start with you will need to have a general idea of the shape you want-I went with a heart but others would work as well. You will need to work out how many lights you have on your string, how long the string is and how big your canvas is. The spacing and position of the lights will all depend on this. I had just over a metre and a half of lights with 15 lights in total. I marked the centre of the canvas so I knew where to start the heart. I wanted my lights approximately 8 cm apart so marked the canvas with a pin in the spots I wanted the lights to pop through.
Lit up heart Art Lit up heart Art

From the back of the canvas you will need to make small holes (just big enough to pop the end of the fairy light through and hold it in place). Start to push the lights through from the back and you will see the shape taking form. 
Lit up heart Art
Lit up heart Art
I did one whole side first then tried to line the other side up to match as best I could. 
Lit up heart Art
Tape down the battery pack on the back of the canvas as well as any extra lights or wires. 
Lit up heart Art Lit up heart Art Lit up heart Art
Isn't it pretty? Well it isn't too pretty that it is naff; I love it. I think a few of these would look great on a big empty wall. If you give it a whirl please come back and share some photos.

Happy Valentines Lovers xx Samantha Alice

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  1. So pretty!!!! I love this art project. It must look so pretty when it's the only light in the room. Cool.

  2. It actually looks a little like a brothel with no other lights, but I still love it! hahahah x

  3. Aaw I love it! That is so kitsch! Though it makes me wonder whether there is any sort of fire risk. An amazing fire risk!


    1. They are LED lights so don't get hot at all which is good. I only ever use LED fairy lights...they are super safe! x

  4. this is so pretty! love it! looks like it would make a good night light for my son. :) <3

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  5. oooo you are so clever! its so cute. nothing wrong with looking like a brothel. haha


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