Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty. E.L.F Review.

This has been on my blogging to do list for sooo very long. I got these products back in January in an amazing Australia Day sale (40% off) and even though I left it so long before reviewing them, it has given me a good chance to think about the products. So have a peak at the pics and a read of my thoughts.

I got:

  • Studio Eyes Cream Eyeliner in Black
  • Studio Cheeks Blush in Peachy Keen
  • Allover Colour stick in Golden Peach
  • Beautybook Neutral Eyes Edition
  • Essential Nails Matte Top Coat
  • Essential Nails Polish in Coral 
  • Essential Domed Crease Brush
  • Essential Eyes Quad Collections Limited Edition in Basic Eye Perfection 
First of all, I think I should say that these products were all incredibly well priced- I don't think any of them were over $10 before the massive discount. However, not all were quality products. 

I'll start with my least favourite, or the one I have used the least; the blusher. I was so excited about this colour as on the site it looked to be a lovely light peach colour, but when it arrived I was let down! The texture isn't great-all chunky and sandy. There is virtually no pigment and when applied it is super metallic which isn't at all what I wanted from this product. I think they were aiming for this to be a dupe for a Nars blush, but it falls well short. 

The Quad eye shadow collection are pretty much the same in quality- though the shadows are pigmented, there is loads of fall down and breaks away easily. The colours were nice but all roughly the same in tone which I thought was odd. 

The Beautybook has a nice range of colours, though again I would have expected at least one or two matte finish shadows in the lighter colours- the dark purple and brown are matte. The shadows go everywhere so my palette is now a total mess. I use this a lot for everyday.

Ok, on to the products I love! The cream eyeliner is so lovely; the texture is great and easy to work with. It sets to matte and stays put all day. Lately I have been using this as a base for a dark smokey eye and even cheap shadows stay in place when placed over this. The brush that came with it was hopeless though; it was bushy and way too thick to be any good for applying liner. 

The nail polish is a lovely coral colour shot through with rose gold. It goes on easily and lasts a reasonable length on the nails. The matte top coat is the real winner though. I have been obsessed with matte nails and so glad to have this in my collection; it looks great by itself or over any other polish.

The Allover Colour stick is a cute little handy product that I have been using loads. It is a great highlighter, goes on easy and is great for sweeping across the eyes if I am in a hurry. It really brightens my complexion when my skin feels a but dull so I love it!

All in all I think you get what you pay for here- the price is great but then the quality isn't always where I'd like it to be. The company's customer service was good- emails were responded to in a timely fashion, though a mistake was made with my order and I didn't receive two of the products I ordered. They were sent immediately after I told them and they arrived promptly. 

Have you tried anything from E.L.F? 

xx Samantha Alice 

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  1. The nail varnish is so pretty + I love the quad!

  2. OHMYGOD I love that nail colour!!! what is the name of the colour??

  3. I haven't tried anything from E.L.F, but it looks pretty! Yesterday I bought this really nice mint nail polish from accesorize though, and it only cost like £4

  4. I think ELF is very hit and miss. I love their eyelid primer, their shimmering eyeliners,a few of their brushes, lipstick and nailpolish. The eyeshadow quads are pretty bad and I hate their stippling brush. Also, their swatches never seem to be true to colour!


  5. I literally just bought my first ELF products two days ago so I'm excited to find your review here! I got the duo concealer/highlighter $3, zip zapper spot treatment $1, and shine control sheets $1. I considered the blush stick too but now I'm happy I didn't get it! I guess I can't say too much about the stuff I got yet though bc I've only tried the concealer/highlighter, which seemed fine, except the highlighter may be a bit too sparkley for me.. not quite sure what I think yet.

    Happy to have found your blog!

    Forever Fashionably Late

  6. I absolutely love that pink with golden shimmer, I think I've even featured that in a collage before! Very nice xx


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