Monday, March 5, 2012


vegemite and avocado toast
vegemite and avocado toast vegemite and avocado toast vegemite and avocado toast vegemite and avocado toast Forgive the caps lock title and the boring nature of this post, but I couldn't help myself. This is my favourite thing to eat no matter the time of day; breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or even desert. This rocks my socks.

If you think Vegemite is weird, I admit that you are probably right. But for me a life without Vegemite is just plain wrong.  This snack is easy as pie to make. Just grab the crustiest bread around, toast it up all golden brown like, smother in butter (I use Nutalex not butter but it is up to you!), smear with loads of Vegemite and top with lovely slices of lurid green avocado.

I swear to you, it doesn't get any better than this. The creaminess of the avocado against the salty, buttery and crunchy goodness that is the toast will just about cure any hunger pangs.

Go on, try it. I promise you will love it.

xx Samantha Alice


  1. I WILL try it! I'm always up for buttery toast with a variety of toppings and have been meaning to try vegemite. :)

  2. I've tired Vegemite once and it was given to me during the wrong period in my life...I was 8 years old. LOL I don't quite remember the taste, but I don't think I liked it back then. Maybe now, I may love it, never know.

    If I had some, I would totally try this sandwich! For now, I'll be eating just avocados and bread in your honor, girl!

  3. I'm starving right now... and we have all of these foods in the fridge/pantry...hmh. ;)


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