Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pretty. Currently Loving #5

Garnier Pure Active Anti Spots Tinted Roll On. 
Long name right? Well this little roll on is amazing and I am completely addicted to it. Do you find traditional concealers to be too cakey and thick for under your eyes? Same! This is a liquid that dries to a smooth powder and there is absolutely no cakeyness. I know this isn't marketed as a concealer, but since my pal Brianna put me on to it last year, I haven't stopped using it. I use this for any areas I want to conceal and lighten and anywhere I have a little hyper pigmentation. Give it a go, it will rock your socks. (oh dear, I sound like a sales person don't I?)

xx Samantha Alice (the bag blogger that hasn't posted for AAAAGEEEES)

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