Friday, June 22, 2012

Life. Managing Momentum.

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I tend to freak out a little when things feel like they are getting away from me. Just like when I am driving, I am better when things are slower. When life moves to fast it can be difficult to make decisions and prepare for the future. Maybe it means less time to worry and dwell though.

My drive home from prac everyday is intense. It is a steep and winding road; I have to concentrate completely on what I am doing. The most difficult part of the drive is managing the momentum of the car and how fast speed builds up. I guess you could probably use this as a metaphor for my life in the next six months.

I'm moving to the other side of the world,  one of the most exciting things I have ever done but it will also be one of the scariest. I need to build momentum in my life, to really shake things up and make adventures happen, but I guess I worry about how it will all pan out.

When life's plans all hinge on something going right beforehand, how can I stop stressing and just let it happen? My leaving in January depends on me saving a lot of money and that worries me. Going slightly insane living in this small town, and another six months is all I can really take, but what if I don't get enough work and therefore don't have enough money to head to London? Who knows what I'll do then.

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. Believe in life's little miracles everyday... Good luck! =D

  2. I say move anyway! I moved halfway across the U.S. with little money and only my dog and car packed full and i couldn't be happier than i am now. It always works out!


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