Friday, June 8, 2012

Pretty. June Featured Bloggers #1.

I'd like you all to meet three lovely blogger ladies. If you'd like to be featured next week, or know of someone who fits the bill, contact me via email or twitter!


Name: Zie Campbell

Blog Name and link: Darling Dear 

Twitter handle: @ziedarling

1. Tell us about your blog? 

Darling Dear is a little slice of blogland that is completely dedicated to giggles, glitter and something else really cool that starts with 'g'. Darling Dear is also a documentation of the life graphic design student who lives in Nashville, TN and loves tea time and making lists.  

2. What made you want to start blogging? 

Originally, I started blogging to document my life & keep track of things. So I could look back and see what I did even just a year before. Kind of like a fun little way of seeing how I grow and develop.

3. What makes blogging so fun and worthwhile for you?

The people. Since I started blogging, I found a bunch of really awesome, half-crazed folks. And they're beautiful in their madness & without all of them, blogging wouldn't be anywhere near as fun. 

4. What 5 blogs do you read regularly?

  1. boys with banjos  
  2. once upon a time in war... 
  3. girls and doll houses 
  4. petitevanou
  5. goffgough
Why should you check it out?

Zie is an amazeballs illustrator (yes that is a very technical term I know) and her blog is super pretty and super lovely to read. 


Name: Alexa Curtis

Blog Name and link: A Life in the Fashion Lane 

Twitter handle: @FashionLaneBlog

1. Tell us about your blog? 

My blog is a diary of my personal style as a teenager in high school. I try to influence people to be comfortable in what they wear and always be willing to take risks. I try to take the average sweater and leggings attire and turn it into something totally unique.

2. What made you want to start blogging? 

I always had an interest in fashion but until I was given the idea of starting a blog never knew how to get my ideas out there. Once I started blogging I was hooked and had to keep doing it!

3. What makes blogging so fun and worthwhile for you? 
I think the fact that you may be changing someones life by helping them feel more fabulous. Everyone has a little bit of creativity inside them, and if I can keep blogging and making people feel comfortable to let their ideas flow is what makes it all worth my time. Not to mention I love to write so communicating to the world through a blog makes me feel like I am doing something closer to being an editor at a top magazine, which is my dream.
4. What 5 blogs do you read regularly?
  1. Sincerely, Jules
  2. Natalie Off Duty
  3. Color Me Nana
  4. Flashes of Style
  5. The Man Repeller
Why should you check it out?

Alexa is a super confident young lady who makes me wish I had even a small dose of her confidence when I was in high school! 


Name: Made Stuchbery

Blog name: 365 Days of Made 

Twitter handle: @madestuchbery 

Why should you check it out? 
I happen to think Miss Made is pretty rad AND she is also moving to England around the same time as me AND if you watch this space we might just have a collaboration in the works. (But ssshhhhh, it's a secret!)

Made is a journalism student from Melbourne who blogs about her life and studies. She writes really well so definitely pay her blog a visit!

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. Wow loved this section and surely loved to be part of it :) U are doing great job. Good that I visited your blog.It's inspiring.


    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment! I'll email you the info lovely


  2. Love Zie! Her illustrations are just awesome. I'll have to check out the other ladies!


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