Friday, August 10, 2012

Life. Where have I been?

I feel like my posts these past couple of months have been a series of random life updates, and I don't like it! I love blogging dearly, but lately other things have taken the front seat, leaving my little blog behind. Trying to finish uni, working loads and organising myself for an overseas move are all pretty big, but I still want to have time and energy left for the things that make me really happy like being creative. I'd like to say that things will slow down a bit soon, but I doubt they really will. I have a massive weekend ahead finishing a huge technical drawing assignment, and once that is done I have only 4 (count it, FOUR) assignments left at uni. My official end date is September 21st and it could not come sooner. Once uni is out of the way I really only have two and a bit months until I leave, and something tells me they are going to fly by.

 I wanted to give a little update about what I have been up to this last month.

  •  I have been getting plenty of casual teaching work which is a relief and amazing; I worked four days this week! 
  •  I have paid off most of my ticket 
  • Sorted my travel insurance
  • Got an enormous super high tech suitcase that spins around on the spot and weighs nothing
  • Turned another year older (which reminds me, I need to do my new list!)
  • Applied for and received my BRITISH PASSPORT. I literally ran around screaming when I opened the package. 
  • Realised that December 1st is really not that far away and keep thinking 'holy crap I am moving to another country am I mad?)
  • Started clearing all my unwanted junk ready to pack away things I won't be taking with me, which is practically everything I own
  • Started looking for accommodation for when I first get to London (any ideas?)
  • Watched more sport than ever before in my life thanks to the Olympics (P.s totally claiming my Brit status because Australia are going rubbish)
Here are some Instagram shots from the last few weeks. 

  1. Bun selfie!
  2. View from my window at work
  3. Getting my hair done. Do you like my reusable coffee cup?
  4. Kitten face!
  5. The loveliest leather gloves for my birthday, will be perfect for London!
  6. London savings jar. May or may not have dipped into it for shoes. And jeans. And makeup. oops 
  7. I'm a Brit!
  8. Favourite new breakfast; soy yoghurt, banana, stewed rhubarb and ground linseed with cranberries 
  9. I have been doing a daily circuit workout, check out my weights. I am going to be so buff. haha

xx Samantha Alice


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