Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art// Oh Deer Me


Deer Painting Roses Deer Painting Roses Deer Painting Roses Deer Painting Roses

Look at me getting all arty. Today I ventured forth into paint land to remedy my bad mood and boredom. I am no Degas but I am pretty sure I mastered the abstract rose blob today, no? I kind of wish I had left the background all white but too late for hindsight.

Tomorrow is Designer Friday so make sure you come back to see a real artiste (say that in an English accent in your head pleeeaaase) at work.

Adieu x

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  1. Georgia wants a numbered copy 1) because it's beautiful and 2) because she's your greatest fan.... oh and 3) because we want a collection of your 'early works' because in less than 18 months you'll be famous and forget us xxx

  2. Your rose deer is great. I like how the rose-eyes look a bit hypnotic. :)

  3. @rastis Thanks Gina! Georgia can have 10 of them. x

  4. That is awesome Sam, you are so talented. xx


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