Friday, December 23, 2011

Designer Friday// We Heart Paper// Dominique Falla


Nope, these are not hundreds and thousands, nor some crazy fairy bread from a child's party; it is the brilliant and inspiring work of designer and typographer, Dominique Falla.

Falla, working on the Gold Coast of Queensland Australia, produces pieces in paper and a range of other lovely textured mediums. The work featured on her portfolio is more than eye-catching; the tactility draws you in.  The sense of fun and quirkiness makes you smile.

I have always had a thing for paper and possible have a stationary fetish. Clean white paper makes me giddy with anticipation, so when I come across an artist who's medium is the very stuff of my dreams, I tend to fall in love on the spot.

I think my wanting to be a teacher has something to do with my obsession with office supplies. Oh, that and my love of design education of course. But enough of my rambling.

Revel in the images of Dominique's work and please visit her portfolio, it is truly astonishing.  Also have a sticky beak at some other paper loving artists, here at the We Heart Paper project site.

Dominique Falla, Ideas are 1% Inspiration...99% Perspiration
Dominique Falla, Edible Art
Dominique Falla, I Could do Anything...

All Images courtesy Dominique Falla.

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  1. Paper!!! What can I say? Thank God for the Egyptians and Papyrus. I have found the most wonderful novel way to play with it lately - BOOKBINDING!!! Oh God I am in love with something creative. You must let me know how I can get hold of this wonderful, creative, amazing, new artist and buy her paper.... Sure... I can store it if I have to - that's why my shed is bigger than my house x


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