Monday, January 23, 2012

{Life} The Insta Eight

  1. 1956 Australian Women's Weekly
  2. My Hardware shop DIY bracelet
  3. Cute Hoot owl vase
  4. Daisy jar and MT Tape
  5. My pimped up wireless keyboard
  6. Rock stack in the rain
  7. Yum, breakfast
  8. Sweet peaches 
xx Samantha Alice 

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  1. I love that owl vase! It's so cute! Oh and that, love, love. I wish I had cute things like that, but I end up breaking things a lot. I'm not the most dainty girl out there, but I love dainty things.

    1. The keyboard was really easy Jen! Just get some MT tape and cut to size...looks great! x


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