Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Review} January Glossy Box

January Glossy Box
January Glossy Box January Glossy Box January Glossy Box January Glossy Box January Glossy Box January Glossy Box January Glossy Box

So. Glossybox. A really interesting concept, and although I am a bit behind the eight ball with this one, I am super glad to have jumped on the band wagon (I promise I won't use any more cliche' sayings, ok?) I was really excited when my package arrived. I don't have much luxury in my life, so this attractive box with its pretty ribbon made me feel very special. It is a shame they included the tacky Australia Day temporary tattoos as it almost ruined it. Almost.
I am not going to talk extensively about all five samples because firstly I haven't had a chance to try them all and secondly there is a standout product I am really excited about.

The five products in my Glossybox were:
  1. Sheer Cover Lipgloss in Pink Praline
  2. Sheer Cover Nourishing Moisturiser
  3. Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser
  4. Miranesse Tightliner Hydra Gel Eye Liner in Sapphire Blue 
  5. Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant 
My favourite product by far is the gel liner from Miranesse. It is pretty much the best makeup product I have tried in a while. I have a similar liner to this from Models Prefer but it is no real match in quality or ease of use. I really like this style of liner; it is much simpler than liquid liner but can create the same graphic look. This isn't a liner you would use to achieve a smudged or smokey look as it dries pretty much instantly. Where it really stands out is how easy it is to achieve a range of liner looks with the soft felt tip. Light pressure creates a thin, even line. The product glides on easily and is moderately pigmented. I have read elsewhere that people weren't loving the colour but I really do! I think it is unusual and a bit of fun. I used it on saturday with some of the Models Own shadow pot shadow in neon pink and espresso and it was a super fun look I will be trying again.

As for the other products I am a bit underwhelmed by them really, only because I have about a million moisturiser products already plus I am fussy about facial moisturisers because I have very oily skin and it doesn't take much to make it worse. However, I have used the Sheer Cover  moisturiser for the past few days and it isn't making it worse, and may have reduced the oil though it is too soon to tell for sure. The Sheer Cover lipgloss isn't great- sticky and drying in a shade I am not thrilled about. I haven't tried the Kosmea exfoliant yet- it smells yummy but the exfoliating particles are a bit large, but I'll wait and see.

I am really looking forward to the limited edition Feburary Glossybox, I just hope there is less skin care and more makeup!

xx Samantha Alice

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