Saturday, January 7, 2012

{Life} What's in my Sewing Box + Giveaway [CLOSED]


Vintage Sewing Box Vintage Sewing Box Vintage Sewing Box Vintage Sewing Box
I am amazingly lucky to have a great collection of vintage sewing equipment passed down from various relatives over the years. My personal favourites are the tins in adorable little prints and my prized vintage needle books- a few of which are featured above. How amazing is the Happy Home needle book? Those illustrations are so amazing and the women so glamorous. I always feel a bit special using these little treats from the past; they some how make something I already love even more fun.


Vintage Sewing Box Vintage Sewing Box

You could go in the draw to win this cute vintage sewing kit featuring a vintage tin, wooden cotton spools, 'Happy Home' needle book, 'British Snap' studs and a silver thimble. One lucky reader will have a touch of old world glamour arriving at their doorstep.

Winner will be drawn randomly. Entries can be made in the following ways:

You must follow le'LOVE via Bloglovin' and 'like' this post for one entry. To gain further entries:
  1. Follow via Twitter and tweet this post.
  2. 'Like' le'LOVE on Facebook and share in your feed.  
  3. Follow le'LOVE via Google Friend Connect.
That is four easy ways to go into the draw.
Leave a new comment for each entry below; if you want all four entries leave four comments.
Entries close Midnight Thursday January 19th (Sydney time) and the winner will be announced the following morning here and via Twitter. 

Good Luck!
P.s I just realised that this is my 50th post! If I cared about cricket I might say I had scored a half century. But frankly I'd rather eat glass than make cricket jokes.

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  1. They are gorgeous! I have loads of vintage sewing stuff too. I feel like I should use it but it's too pretty to so I keep them safe.

    1. I'm following via Bloglovin'. I'll add another comment to let you know about my other entries.


  2. I'm also following on Twitter and I have tweeted your post:


  3. Sorry, third comment! (I forgot about this one)

    I'm following you on Google Friend Connect too. I'm BeckyBedbug.

    Sorry for the three comments, I'm not sure how you are drawing the winner so thought this would be my safest bet.


  4. Awh! they're so gorgeous. Following using bloglovin' :D


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