Sunday, January 8, 2012

{Guest Post} Kayleigh + A London Winter

Today I am bringing you another guest post, this one all the way from the UK. Kayleigh runs a fashion blog that looks at trends and other fashion news and today she is going to share some top winter trends.

Winter fashion in London.

In the famous words of Austen Powers, this blog post comes to you from London, 'yeah baby yeah!'

I'm Kayleigh and this is my guest post for the lovely Samantha whom I met on Independent Fashion Bloggers. We've decided to be a guest on each others blogs so whilst everyone who follows my blog is being entertained by Samantha about the joys of Summer festivals in Australia and what people are wearing, I'm going to share with you what us girls have been wearing this winter in London, England. I can't imagine having a warm Christmas - random side note. ;)

What us Londoners have been rocking this winter...

Faux Fur has been everywhere this winter, most popularly in the style of a stole or gilet. I am loving faux fur gilets and if I could afford it, would have one in every colour possible. So seventies and yet so now, faux fur is delightfully fluffy!

If you're out and about in London and you look down, you'll see wedges, shoes with wedges, boots with wedges and shoe-boots with wedges. I am a fan of a nice wedge boot but have not been very successful in finding a pair to fit as yet. The most popular style of wedge I've seen is a lace up wedge boot in black, they look good with just about any outfit.

Glitter, sparkles and all things shiny have also been a big hit this winter, and beautifully timed for the Christmas holidays, getting a big shiny thumbs up from me.

Remember to wrap up warm if you're in a cold climate, use that faux fur to your advantage! And if the sun is shining where you are then boo! I'm jealous! ;)


NOTE: Please do visit Kayleigh's blog, she has some lovely ideas. Also, my guest post should be up on her site today so go have a look-see. Also don't forget to enter my vintage sewing giveaway HERE and subscribe with Bloglovin' so you don't miss a beat. 

Adieu x

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  1. Love it :D Especially the shoe wedge boots things from ASOS. I always have trouble trying to be eco and animal friendly as well as fashionable though :/


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