Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{Life} Thoughts on Motivation

Ok. I am going to try something new here. I am going to attempt to, ahem, 'get deep'. I have no idea how this will go down or what this post will achieve, but maybe, just maybe, you might just relate to what I have to say.
I am realising that many, many of the things I find difficult in life come down to two main issues; motivation (or rather lack of) and anxiety. I haven't got it in me today to talk about the former so I'll just say that when you put the two together, results aren't great. Is it ironic that today I have the motivation to talk about my issues with motivation? Maybe, but bare with me.
As someone who has been a student for far too long, I have had many years of assignments and deadlines (read: many years of waiting until the last minute to write essays or study for exams). I am a hopeless last minute person and it isn't because I love the drama. It is because I often find myself with out even an ounce of motivation or volition. This is a problem.

I go through stages where I am super motivated and get 400 projects finished in a day and the next minute I can't find the energy to google 'finding motivation'; I am sure psychologists would have something to say about this.

As I get older and head ever closer towards 30 (Agghhh) I think I better up my game a little.
I am going to make serious efforts to try these strategies for improving motivation over the next couple of months.

  1. Set small achievable goals.
  2. Find inspiration in other people. Inspiration NOT envy. 
  3. Commit publicly. This one is a no brainer really- prepare to be reading about some of my goals.
  4. Stick with it.
  5. Squash negative thoughts and replace them with positive and pretty thoughts.
Read more about these strategies HERE

I want to be one of those non obnoxious 'can do' people so maybe these ideas will help me get a little closer. 

How do you overcome a lack of motivation? Or are you one of those lucky people with the will and energy for everything? Tell me about it.

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. I love this post! I must admit, I lack motivation. I wish I was one of those self-starters who can motivate themselves and others. I am not one of those people, but try to be one. You know, "fake it, until you make it." That's what I'm doing. LOL

    1. I always do fake it till I make it with confidence (wait, I am coming across as someone with issues aren't i? hahah)

  2. I think most, or all, of us humans deal with this. I know I'm terrible with waiting until the last minute. Right now, actually, I have class in a couple hours and I still haven't done the reading, which I plan to do right before class!

    There was a time when I was seriously worried that I had a problem, like some sort of psychological disorder. But everyone I talk to does the same exact thing, so logically, it must not be completely horrible.

    Here are my own personal insights and ways to not fall into "unmotivated comas"

    1. You are not your thoughts, and don't depend on moods.
    (sometimes you just have to DO, and ignore feelings, they are usually unpredictable and uncontrollable)

    2. If you want to be a happy, motivated, go-getter, stop telling yourself you're not.
    (a lot of the time, being unmotivated is just a self-fulfilling prophecy and we sabotage ourselves with our thoughts and resolutions. If you constantly think to yourself with dismay, "I'm such an unmotivated lump of goo," then you're going to act accordingly because you believe what your thinking. Kill those thoughts before they even surface.)

    3. Savor everything.
    (if you really and thoroughly enjoy your free time, then you may be able to switch to your "responsibility time" without regret.)

    Anyway, I hope those three things help! I've read them here and there, and they really helped me!

    1. I love this advice Hannah! I agree that I need to start changing my thoughts and stop saying to myself i am an unmotivated lump of goo!
      Thanks so much for dropping by to share, means so much!!


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