Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life. Ten things about me.

  1. My initials spell my name; S.A.M. My sister is the same, her name is Jamee Alexandra Murdoch or J.A.M. My Mum swears this wasn't on purpose.
  2. My favourite book is probably a tie between Jack Kerouac's On The Road  and Jeffrey Eugenides' Middlesex. 
  3. The first CD I ever bought was Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt. I loved he Spice Girls at the same time. 
  4. I have always wanted to be famous, like always,  as in I still do. Not sure what I want to be famous for though. 
  5. I went to five different Primary Schools, three different High Schools and three different Universities. I have moved a lot. 
  6. I was once in a Foxtel TV ad (Foxtel is a pay TV company); I still vaguely remember my line and remember exactly what I wore. It was a bright yellow cotton top and a pink and green floral skirt. I felt like a movie star. 
  7. I worked at a massive cinema in Sydney for ages and whilst there I met loads of celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Brittany Murphy and Chris Brown (EWWW). It was the most fun job ever. 
  8. Before becoming a teacher, all I wanted to do was work in an art gallery.
  9. I have been so broke at times in my life that instant noodles were my sustenance. This has taught me the value of money; it doesn't mean much and you can still have an excellently amazing life without it but stressing about cash is not something I want to do in my life ever again. 
  10. I believe with all my being that all the riches of the universe are just waiting for me to get over myself. I forget this sometimes, but something usually happens to remind me of the goodness of this world. 
xx Samantha Alice
P.s Sorry my posting has been erratic and completely free of outfit posts, but I have been extremely busy with uni work and a few other things. I don't want the blog to suffer but sometimes I really don't have the time! I hope you all still keep coming back.

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  1. Wow, so amazing! I liked the fact that your initials spell out your name. My dad told me that he really wanted my middle name to start with "F", so my initials would be JFK (named after President John F. Kennedy). That didn't go well with mums, so my initials are J.M.K, not as cool as yours. LOL

    That's awesome that you meet Nicole Kidman. Was she nice? I've always wanted to meet Huge Jackman. I think he is so cute!

  2. The instant noodle lifestyle! Reminds me of being a student, oh those were some tough days..Oh and how cool was '96 Gwen Stefani? The bindis!

  3. I was allllll about the bindis! I Heart the 90s so much.

  4. So cool! You met famous stars and all - That is some awesome stuff! And yes, its nice to have an outfit picture free post sometimes :)

  5. I love the part about your initials. My initials spell out the beginning of my name: B.E.C.

    When I get married, my fiance and I are double-barelling our surnames. Then his initials will be R.I.C.H- which is his name. I think that's unbelievably cool!



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