Monday, April 30, 2012

Pretty. Geometri by Samantha Alice.

Part of the reason I have been so absent of late, is that uni is trying to take over my life. One of my assignments this session was a rather large practical project that was to utilise both my specialisation areas, being textiles and graphic design. Here you can see the final product of all my hard (ahem, yeah right) work. It is a capsule collection of home wares that includes a floor cushion, scatter cushion, magazine rack and coasters. I designed the fabric myself (!!) and had it printed by the folks at Spoonflower. I am super pleased with the fabric design and would love to get more printed soon. The layouts here are also part of the project and form a small catalogue or pamphlet. My favourite is the magazine rack as I can actually see myself using it.
Enough of me showing off...

xx Samantha Alice

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