Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Style. Quick OOTD

I felt a bit pretty today so took a few quick pics for an outfit post, but I hated most of them! The few I let pass you can see here. I was having a busy day so was wearing my super comfy (and new) black skinny ASOS jeans and a nude top. I didn't even bother with my hair, which is a rarity for me.
I can't believe I start prac next monday; excited and nervous about it. I found out which classes I will have yesterday, and I will be teaching mostly outside my subject area which will be different. I will only have one textiles class, along with 2 food tech classes and a year 8 English. The next few days will be full of lesson and unit planning and preparing for next week. This time around I am thrown straight into it; no time to observe the classes and see how my mentor likes to run them, so that will be interesting (AKA scary!)
Hope everyone is having fun wherever you are,

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. Good luck on your new class subjects. I know you will do just fine. If the school didn't believe in you, they wouldn't have given you all these responsibilities.

    I love the flower in your hair. It really brings in the whole look. And those flats are too cute. That's the one thing I don't have, cute flats!

  2. You are so tanned!!! Jealous.


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