Thursday, June 14, 2012

Life. June Featured Bloggers #2.

I would like you to meet the lovely Kristin from HelloSweetWorld! She is one of my blogging buddies and we love to have a sook to each other on twitter. Please do go check out her blog, I promise you a good time.

Name: Kristin 
Blog Name and link: HelloSweetWorld - 
Twitter handle: @hellosweetworld

1. Tell us about your blog?   My blog is just a little place where I share bits and pieces of my life and photography. Mostly it's sharing about my travels and daily finds, with a few extras thrown in. Oh, and some vintage too. 

2. What made you want to start blogging?  I started blogging back in February 2007 under a different name after a friend of mine had shared her blog with me. I had no idea it was such a community and after some life changes, I started HelloSweetWorld in 2008. I wanted a place where I could be creative and document my life, mostly in photos, so I could follow my own journey over the years. I guess I can credit my friend for starting a blog, because she inspired me. 

3. What makes blogging so fun and worthwhile for you?  As stated above, I wanted a place to share and follow my own steps through life. And when I started, blogs were just starting to become more popular. I had no idea there was such an online community for them and since I've started blogging, I've had so many opportunities and met so many people because of it. I love how we can all come together and feel like we're best buds because of blogging. That's just one added bonus to keeping my so-called 'online diary'. I also enjoy seeing how I've evolved over the years and being able to go back and see what I was doing in 2009. It's kinda like an electronic time capsule. Ha!

4. What 5 blogs do you read regularly?  Wow, I have a long list of blogs that I try to catch up on during the week but I guess if I had to narrow it down to five that I read regularly, or at least followed for quite a while, it'd be....

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. Lovely feature, I'm always into checking out new blogs. :)


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