Friday, September 21, 2012

Life. Where have I been?

I have been missing in action. I don't even know how long it has been since I posted (too afraid to look!) and whilst I secretly hope loads of people missed my witty posts, it is pretty unlikely. Are you there? Can you hear me? I'm sorry I have been so absent but I truly I hope that the days of my slackness have ended. I have pretty decent excuses though.
Me in my awesome winter gear getting ready for London!
I handed in my last assessment for uni on sunday! I shed actual tears. I was overwhelmed with the enormity of finishing another degree (and p.s I managed a 4 year degree in 3) and the relief I felt was incredible. When I finished my first degree I was pretty darn happy, but that was nothing compared to this. I submitted my assignment online then proceeded to do a massive clean out of my room and to throw anything remotely university related in the bin. I've been slowly tackling the amassed crap that is my bedroom in preparation for leaving the country, so it felt great to get through some more throwing out and general organising. Lately I have been thinking 'will I use this in the next 2 months? No? Gone' and so far it is working.
Completely unrelated to the post, but oh my god these peking duck pancakes were amazeballs.
I have also been working loads. I have averaged three days a week of casual teaching work for the past two months which has really been amazing. It's been nice to feel I have a purpose to my weeks aside from finishing assignments. It has been exhausting though! Casual teachers really have a difficult job, but it is often contrasted with periods of complete boredom. Sometimes all you have to do is supervise a class, other times you have to deal with some outrageous behaviour and attempt to have some control over the classroom. The term has just ended, and whilst I am looking forward to a couple of weeks to really truly relax for the first time in three years, there doesn't tend to be a lot of work in term four for casuals so I am a little stressed.
I'm asking the universe to provide. So far it is working!
I am slowly but surely getting myself together for the London move (70 days away as I write this!) but it still feels like I have loads to do. I have a growing collection of proper winter clothes and accessories which I am super excited to wear come December. I am still yet to sort out the whole UK bank account thing but I think it will be much easier to do once I am there. I am considering purchasing a UK arrival pack like this one from 1st Contact but I still need to do some more research. I have basically done everything I need to get teaching work in London, booked a weeks accommodation (fingers crossed I find a flat in my first week but it is pretty unlikely I'd say!) and booked flights to Ireland for Christmas. It is completely spinning me out that I will be in Ireland for the holidays, so bizarre but exciting!
Ear muffs! Question: do people actually wear ear muffs in London?
As time slides closer to two months from my departure, I am starting to freak a little. Not in a 'oh shit what am I doing' way but more about my stress over how organised I need to be and how much I want this. Two months ago I was wanting to leave immediately but now I am glad for these next couple of months to sort myself out. Now that uni is done I can really get down to business and get organised for the adventure of a lifetime. I have been wanting to travel and live overseas since I was 13 and I am absolutely over the freaken moon that I finally got my butt into gear and made it happen.
Savings! I am about half way to my goal which is amazing! 
Ooh on one final note, I have been amping up my fitness/healthy eating big time these last few weeks. I am managing a 30-40 minute power walk most days and some light weights and abs/leg work 3 times a week and I feel amazing. I have lost another three kg and have so much energy. My anxiety is also basically gone which is probably more amazing than the weight loss. I have really started to notice that my diet and exercise has a huge impact on my mood and stress, even down to the fact that eating loads of sugar can actually give me anxiety!

Woah that is a lot of information isn't it? I'm officially on holidays from work for 2 weeks so I will be relaxing and writing a few posts, including my winter favourites which should be up in a couple of days.

xx Samantha Alice


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  1. You definitely look like you are ready for London!



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