Friday, November 25, 2011


love visiting local markets but not just for the shopping. I tend to never have any money when the markets are on so I just go to stroll and look at all the pretty things. What I love most about a good market are the interesting ways the stalls are decorated; they all look so lovely against the country backdrop. My favourite decoration at the moment is bunting. No idea what I am talking about?

Those lovely strings of colourful fabric flags hung that just scream festival. I wanted to bring a piece of the markets home with me and to you all (without spending much of course!) I have mine hanging against a wall but they would look fantastic across the top of a door way or a window. Keep in mind that if you hang them outdoors then they won't last as long.

Follow along this tutorial for your very own market style bunting for cheap.

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First things first. You will need fabric scissors, pins, a hand sewing needle, 2 metres satin or lace ribbon (you choose the colour) and thread to match. Most of these things are pretty easy to find- check out your local cheap shop and they should have tiny sewing kits for around 2 bucks.

One important thing you will need is a pair of pinking sheers. No idea what they are? Fancy scissors that cut fabric giving it a zig zagged edge. They are super nifty because not only does this stop the fabric fraying, it also looks quite adorable. I am lucky enough to own the cutest pair of vintage sheers but most craft stores should have them for a few hard earned dollars. If you can't get your hands on some you can use your own zig zag cutting skills and some patience.

For the flags. I had a couple of old scarves lying around but I have used random fabric scraps before also. You could head to an op shop close by and pick up some of those lovely nanna head scarves in retro prints- they work a treat and tend to already have a finished edge which suits us.
Cutting out the flags is pretty straight forward. Cut your fabric or scarves into strips that are around 20 cm wide then cut this into pieces that are 15 cm long. You should be left with 6 or 7 rectangles of fabric that can be cut diagonally in half to make our triangular flags. Time to get fancy with your pinking sheers on all the edges of each flag.

Once you are tickled pink with your flags it is time to get sewing. Things might get a little tricky here if you and hand sewing are not well acquainted, but take your time and all will be well. Of course you can use a sewing machine if you have one.

Find a flat space and lay out your ribbon in a straight line. Gather up your pretty flags and lay them out at even intervals along the ribbon. You will need to leave about 25 cm at each end so that you can tie the bunting up. Once you are happy with the placement go ahead and pin each flag in place along the ribbon ready for sewing. You will want your ribbon to be at the front of the flags for a neat finish.

With your needle threaded in a colour that matches the ribbon you can use a simple running stitch to secure your flags to the ribbon. Keep going until all flags are stitched in place.

Ta dah! le'Bunting! Hang your creation and feel yourself transported to a country market place.

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Adieu x

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