Saturday, December 10, 2011

12 Days of DIY Christmas // Day five // Christmas Hair # one


I have a confession. You will be shocked. 
I am a greenie who is rather obsessed with fashion, hair and makeup. Like downright obsessed. I could spend hours watching makeup tutorials on youtube and tailing fashion blogs for all things shiny. I know this revelation doesn't sit perfectly with my love of recycling and caring for our planet. But hey, at least I try, right?

Phew, glad I have that out of the way. Today on the fifth day of my DIY Christmas I will show you the first of a few holiday hair tutorials. I love special occasions because it gives me a chance to dress up, and even if my Christmas will be super relaxed at home I will still make the effort to look super pretty.

So here it is. The Sock Bun. Possible the best ever invention in hair in the entirety of the universes history. Bask in its sheer amazingness le'LOVE readers.

The reason I love this up do so much is that it is a fantastic way of adding more volume to your locks. It always looks cute and is perfect for a hot summer here in Australia.

You will need a hairbrush, loads of bobby pins, some patience and a sock donut. This sock donut is two socks (try to match the colour of your hair if you can) with the toe ends snipped off. Slip one sock inside the other to form a tube then roll together to form a donut shape. This is basically the cheats version of a hair dressers tool called a hair rat (eww). I much prefer donuts to rats, don't you?

sock bun tutorial
  1. Brush your hair into a tight and high pony tail.
  2. Take your sock donut and thread the end of your pony through the centre of the ring.
  3. Wrap the ends of your hair that are out the other side of the donut around so that your hair encloses the sock donut.
  4. Begin turning the donut in on itself through a flipping/turning action. This might take some practice. Be sure to keep tucking, adjusting and moving hair so that it remains in a tight loop around the donut. 
  5. Spread your hair around the donut so that the socks are completely covered.
  6. Pin in place with bobby pins and ta-dah. A super fun bun for the holidays! I like adding a real (or fake!) flower to my sock bun for that little something extra. 
Sock bun it up ladies.

Adieu x


  1. OH i knew that there was something wrong with my bun technique!
    haha thank you for showing me!!

    when are you in sydney again??

  2. @philippa

    Glad you like it! Not sure when but hopefully soon...I miss it. What about you?


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