Thursday, December 8, 2011

12 Days of DIY Christmas: Day two.

Todays DIY Christmas idea wins over every gaudy metallic bauble and silver shedding tinsel that ever decorated a Christmas tree. It is that good (and that easy).

Handmade fabric wrapped ornaments to hang around the house and from the tree will make me (and you) very happy indeed.

You will need pliable wire, a pair of pliers, ribbon or a piece of fabric that can be ripped up and ribbon for hanging the lovelies when they are done.

I made up simple wire frames to use in a few different shapes like hearts, circles and stars. To secure the wire I made two little hooks with the pliers and after threading them together I clamped them down. I would not be too worried about what the frame looks like as we are going to cover it up.

DIY ornaments

Starting at the join in the wire, you will use your ribbon or shredded fabric to wrap the wire and cover it completely. I like that mine are a little messy, but if you want yours to be super neat go right ahead.

When you get to the end, secure the fabric with a few knots then attach more ribbon for hanging. Just like magic, with very little effort or money, your festive season can have the handmade touch.

You could easily hang trinkets in the centre of each ornament like the circle with the hanging button below.

DIY ornaments

Happy decorating and come back tomorrow for more of my DIY Christmas.

Adieu x


  1. I love it..a chic minimalist christmas..
    great blog by the way, will definitely keep stopping by, and feel free to reciprocate!

  2. @Tori

    Thanks for the lovely comment Tori! If you would like to follow me via Bloglovin' I will do the same!



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