Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Life} Horsing Around

Horse Horse
Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse Horse

Are any of you out there horse mad? Well I am not but my younger sister certainly is. Jamee has wanted a new horse for a while now. Her last horse, Natalie, was killed by lightening a few years ago which was really traumatic and awfully sad. But it was time for a new addition. My sister was very lucky to be offered a free horse, and although they say you should always (or is it never?) look a gift horse in the mouth, she jumped at the offer.

He arrived on Saturday; Jamee is keeping him in some local stables on the other side of town. He is really pretty (as you can obviously see right?) and lovely natured. I am usually quite intimidated by these animals as they are just so BIG, but I felt at ease around him. His name comes with him from the previous owners: Ali B. I am pretty sure it is short for Ali Babar seeing as he is an Arab cross breed, but who knows.

I watched my sister wash him and deal with his tantrum over being hosed (such a wimp) and I forgot how much of a natural she is with horses.
Once he has settled in and she is riding him I will get some better photos, maybe even some fancy fashion shoots?

It has been raining for days here and we are into our fourth day of a flood. It just so happens that the horse is on the other side of the river and my sister cannot get to him, which has been stressful to say the least.

xx Samantha Alice

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