Monday, January 9, 2012

{Life} My Belated 26 by 27 List

Have you ever noticed something and then not stopped seeing it, like everywhere? I came across a blog post that listed the 23 things the writer wanted to do by the time they were 24; it was their 23 by 24 list. I hadn't heard of this before, but since then I swear they are all over the place. I thought why not give it a whirl.

Well Whirl I did. I am sharing it with you here because quite a lot of them relate to blogging and other online projects. So here it is, my 26 by 27. It is a bit late given that my 26th was last August  but oh well. And yes, I know, I am old; so very old.

26 by 27

Some of these may seem a little on the silly side but I wanted to give myself a chance for small wins.

Have you set goals for the year or have a list like mine? Tell me all about it in the comments!
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Adieu x

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  1. i actually saw today in another blog this sort of list and didn´t understand what was about.. now i do!! Good idea ;) I should do my 26 list too!


  2. Wow,that's really great. I like the flash mob thing ^___^
    I recently hung all of my new years resolutions on a tree in my back garden, a little like the Japanese do, except without a big festival thing.

  3. @Aimee Katherine Oh that sounds cool Aimee Katherine! I like that these are different to resolutions- they seem more achievable somehow. x


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