Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not Fashion// Maude and Tilda


Cheap(ish) and cheerful, Maude and Tilda are your antidote to OTT Parisian fashions and ten thousand dollar bags. They may also be a cure for your consumer guilt.
Brought to you by Swiss designer Nichole Locher, Maude and Tilda want us to know that going green can be ultra chic and all kinds of fun. These spunky bags are made from unbleached canvas and printed with eco friendly dyes and would make a perfect substitute for those yuck plastic grocery bags.

I am digging the super simple design and the cute bow (you get to pick your colour!) but what really makses these super spesh are the ridiculously amazing slogans. It comes in ten different sayings but my favourite is probably 'Louis Vitton Just Doesn't Look Good on Me', because, well, frankly, I am sure that it wouldn't.

Check out these others, they are sure to make you grin:
The totes go for $45US and Maude and Tilda ship worldwide. Shipping to most countries is $9US. Find your favourite here and save the planet a little bit. You guys know I love this planet.

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