Sunday, February 19, 2012

{Life} Quiet Weekend + More Market Shots

Markets Markets
Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets Markets
As I am writing this my eyes keep trying to close on me. I am exhausted but cannot really fathom why.
I have had a very quiet weekend with a great visit to the markets yesterday and a relaxing day at home today with some sporadic uni work. I did have an eventful afternoon though, so maybe that's it. My younger sister was bucked off her new horse! We were over at the stables and she decided to have a quick ride, he got spooked by who knows what and threw her off. It gave me such a fright- I went running over screaming her name terrified that she was badly injured. I think I have been in shock all afternoon.

She went up to the hospital to see if anything was broken, and whilst she couldn't have an X-Ray then, the Doctor thinks it is just muscular. She fell on her hip, was badly winded, and possibly jarred something. She was in quite a bit of pain but after the adrenalin wore off when I drove her home, it became much worse. Poor thing!

She has to have an X-Ray in the morning, but fingers crossed it is just bruising.

Ok, eyes officially shut; I am writing this blind.

Samantha Alice xx
P.s I can't wait to start including loads more street photography in this little blog of mine!

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your sister! I really hope she's ok and that she feels better soon.


  2. I'm sorry your sister is in so much pain and I hope she feels better soon. I can see why a situation like that can leave you drained afterwards. I hope you feel better soon as well <3

  3. I love your photos. Does it feel weird taking pictures of strangers? I feel weird sometimes. LOL I just try to snap it and keep walking, but that seems a little rude, uh? Any tips/advice?

    I'm so sorry about your sister. Being bucked off a horse is pretty dangerous, so I'm glad that she could "walk" away from it. I'm pray for her and your family. I hope it's just bruising too! Keep us in the loop! I'm sure we want to hear that she is going well.

  4. oh no! I hope your sister is okay. Those are some beautiful shots though. God I miss warm weather! get so envious every time I look at your blog!


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