Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Fashion} Snake Leggings and New Trends

Snake leggings Snake leggings
Snake leggings Snake leggings Snake leggings Snake leggings Snake leggings Snake leggings
Have you ever decided that you hate everything in your wardrobe? It happens to me all the time; I go a little mad and try to fix it, but somehow it never changes. I had another fashion tantrum recently, and instead of buying things that I thought were appropriate or suited my style (obviously this doesn't work for me if all of my wardrobe is so blech, no?) I bought neon jeans and snakeskin leggings. I was shocked with my own tenacity, having spent a large amount of time trying to fit in, blend in really. I had gone and purchased the fashion equivalent of a tattoo on my forehead, albeit a more temporary version.

I am a little smug about how the experiment turned out. I feel amazing in these leggings. They are slinky and a little gritty. I don't feel like a kid in these clothes, instead I feel like a super confident grown-up woman. It is freaken' awesome! This may have something to do with my getting my long over due license, and being appointed to an advisory board for a local youth centre. Is this what it is like to feel like a real adult? Imagine how I will feel once I get a teaching job. No one will be able to stop me. Ha!

Oh and how pretty is this top? I love the sheer back and how great it looks with my new jeans. I was FB'ing with Maria over at Byrd Holland Designs/Fashion Fazer today about our fav trends this season, and we are both completely torn between the neons/neutrals and the deep jewel tones. I love them both!

Hope you had an amazing day lovers.
xx Samantha Alice

P.s Check out my experiment with cut crease liner in the first photo. TOO MANY YOUTUBE MAKEUP VIDEOS.

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