Thursday, April 12, 2012

Style. Black and Nude.

I always thought that nudes would really wash me out, but I think having plenty of colour in the face counteracts the shade of this ASOS top. It's the same as the black one I showed yesterday. The pants (although you can't see them at all! Damn dark background) are also ASOS. They are the most comfortable trousers I have ever worn. This will be one of my prac outfits, minus the red lip and dramatic winged liner I think.

I don't know if you can tell, but I totally gave myself a hair cut the other day (I know, shock horror right?) but it was very successful I think and has left my hair feeling fresher and lighter. I do miss the extra 2 inches of length but I'll cope.

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. I love the red lip and eyeliner! I've been sooooo lazy with makeup these days. You're lucky if I wear concealer....

    p.s nude is for everybody! coloured lips definitely make the colour look better on everyone

    1. Pretty sure I remember your skin being amazing, so I bet you still look great without makeup...I have so many skin issues to deal with it isn't funny!! x

  2. LOVE that color on you, it totally doesn't wash you out. I love how the red lipstick looks on you. How do you keep it on your lip? I always have my lipstick transfer to my chin, sometimes my cheek. LOL It's really a sad sight, but funny at the same time.

    1. This is actually a really matte lip liner jen; they always last longer than lipsticks and you can easily use gloss over the top x


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