Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pretty. A London Wish list

So I hit the three month from my departure mark tomorrow and I sort of can't believe it. It feels so distant, yet as I start to get things sorted (my to do this is scarily long) it creeps ever closer. I am beyond excited to leave and part of me wishes I was off tomorrow, but the other part is glad to have these few months to organise myself and prepare! Perhaps the strangest part of my preparation is buying warm clothes. Not 'Australian' warm clothes, but 'oh my god my face is going to freeze off' winter wear. The strange part is that I leave at the beginning of December and here that means almost Summer weather and 30 C days! Even now, with the lovely spring weather, it feels wrong to be buying ear muffs and winter woolies. I really only want to buy a few basics from Australia, just enough to get me from the airport, to my accommodation and then out into London to explore (and possibly shop?). Here is my London Winter Wish List:

// 1.  Pieces Chunky Knit Scarf // 2. Gypsy Cable Knit Socks  // 3. ASOS Athens Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots // 4. ASOS Fit and Flare Coat //
// 5. ASOS Popper Parker // 6. Topshop Geo Panel Tote // 7.  Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream //

I guess most of the list is pretty self explanatory; I want comfy boots I can slip on and off easily without having to deal with laces or zips, a coat that will go over many layers, a new black bag that will fit loads and some intensive moisturising balm to help with dry skin caused by the cold. 

91 days and counting...

xx Samantha Alice 


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  1. Haha "oh my god it's so cold, my face will freeze off" pretty covers it!

    Have you been to England over winter before? My Australian friend says that the temperature here isn't too much colder than Sydney but that the cold lasts a lot longer. It's always warmer than the rest of the UK in London too.



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