Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Obsessions// Going the Distance// Justin Long is a Babe

justin long is a babe

In my opinion every man should dress just like Justin Long's character in Going the Distance, Garrett, at all times. If you want to become a fellow heart throb, I'll get you started.

"Yeah its my favorite homoerotic fighter pilot movie."
Photobucket justin long inspired fashion

From Left to Right:
American Apparel: Fine Jersey T-Shirt $25.35 @ASOS
Polo Ralph Lauren: Plain Jersey Joggers $143.65 @ASOS
Puma: Mono No1 T-Shirt $37.18 @ASOS

"F@#*&er put his face in front of the game."
Photobucket Photobucket

From Left to Right:
Penfield Kuffman: Plaid Shirt $70 @ASOS
ASOS: Slim Fit Jeans $42.25 @ASOS
H&M: Checked Cotton Shirt 15 pounds @H&M

Makes me wish I had a BF to dress up like my very own Justin Long Ken doll.


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