Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Fashion} Grapes of Wrath

Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath Grapes of Wrath As our Summer draws to an end (who am I kidding, we barely had a Summer this year) I am excited about busting out some new looks. I have never been a fan of those classic Autumn colours like maroon and rust, but this year I am going to give them a second go. I got this cardi from ASOS a couple of weeks ago but it has been a bit warm to rock it. I love the dark pink colour but the fit and quality aren't the best. The knit is very thin so just kind of hangs there; I should have got a smaller size I think. I love the collar and think I will venture out into pan collars a bit more in the future. The skirt is a black lace full circle one that I made years ago.

I am slightly freaking out about a big day on wednesday (I promise to share after the fact!) so it was good to have fun with some photos and take my mind off it. Every time I think about it I get total stomach swoops, but don't worry, it is a good nervous and I am super excited!!

I am in love with my new hair! It is much blonder even if it isn't really showing in these photos, and the lighter colours go much higher. I am also obsessing over my new curling wand (how have I not owned one of these before? Best invention ever). I will review the wand soon so stay tuned.

xx Samantha Alice
P.s I am going to try super hard to bring you some more craft DIY ideas in the next 2 weeks.

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  1. Your hair looks incredible. :) I'm excited to hear what this news is.


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