Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{Fashion} Trends on Trial + Red Carpet Missteps

Trends I don't love I love fashion. If I let myself, I'd spend way more money on fashion magazines than conceivable. I like to know what's happening out there in the murky depths that is the fashion industry. I read many, many style blogs, am religiously addicted to Go Fug Yourself  and an embarrassing amount of my time on the computer is spent on virtual shopping trips I could never afford to fund.
Lately, however, I have been seeing a few sartorial adventures (mishaps really) that make me feel ill. It bugs me no end when attractive people with good genes and figures I would almost kill for, sink the soufflé with UGGO clothes that do nothing for them. I mean, C'MON? Did you not look at yourself before you left the house? I have managed to narrow these missteps down to five but god knows there are more. With award shows clogging the waves, what better to illustrate my point than red carpet pics?

Five Trends I'd Like to Never See Again: 

Sheer overlays of any kind.
You know what I mean right? Short dresses that suddenly decide they are long and 'oh my god I can see your underwear' see through. Simple gowns ruined by dodgy black mesh sleeves. Lovely tops made awful by sheer pink fluff. I just don't think they suit anyone. Ever. I always figure if a tall and gorgeous movie star can't pull it off, neither can the other 99% of the population. 
Exhibit A: (P.s there is so much wrong here that the sheer ick is just the tip of the iceberg)
Trends I don't love
{Via Pocket Full of Sequins}
Exhibit B:
Trends I don't love
{Via ASOS}
Droopy shouldered dresses.
Not everyone is blessed with perfectly proportioned and shaped shoulders. Mine are wide and I have to steer clear of any kind of shoulder embellishment lest I look mannish and weird. Others have narrow little petite shoulders that may even slope down away from the neck and unless styled correctly can look all weird and droopy. No one wants to look droopy do they?
Exhibit C: Now I know, this is Miss Portman, and yes she is gorgeous. But you can't deny that something weird is happening below her neck. 
Trends I don't love
{Via My Daily}
Layered Frills.
Repeat after me Amanda Peet: "I am not a dust ruffle, I am not a dust ruffle, I am not...". I believe that this style whether in a maxi dress, skirt, red carpet gown or camisole, does not suit a single human being on the planet. No matter which way you look at it those frills always manage to cut the body in the wrong place making even a cray cray tall model look wide and stumpy. Don't do it, ok?
Exhibit D: 
Trends I don't love
{Via Washington Post}
Fishtail gowns on anyone that isn't Sofia Vegera.
Case in Point: It's Glenn Close and she is all kinds of awesome but this dress and the awkwardness that is the lower half is all kinds if wrong. (plus for the trifecta, it has sheer overlay sleeves and layered ruffles on the flare!!) 
Exhibit E:
Trends I don't love
{Via Go Fug Yourself}
Fancy Pants.
When I am making clothes I generally keep texture and colour pretty simple and splash out with interesting shapes. This does not, however, mean that I in any way condone the use of such interesting shapes to create fancy pants. Dear rompers, playsuits, jumpsuits, super wide leg sheer pants (I mean c'mon just be a skirt please?) you are not cool. Pants are great, I love them, I live in them in winter. But that doesn't mean that I want to sew all my tops to my jeans to save time on getting dressed. Pants and tops stay separate ok? See below.
Exhibit F:
Trends I don't love
{Via Scandals Celebrity}

I rest my case. Any words from the defence?

xx Samantha Alice

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  1. HAHA. I 100% agree with you. I like this post a lot!

    1. Thanks Jen!! Glad you liked felt a little like a rant to me but was fun to write!! x

  2. Haha great post! I love playsuits myself (although not posh ones for the red carpet. That's just weird!) and I have a penchant for fishtail too but I completely agree about the frills!


    1. At least we can agree on one thing Becky! (I'll forgive you for liking playsuits)

  3. Brillant post. Agree with the fishtail bit completely. Only Sofia Vegera can do justice to it. I love this post <3

    1. So glad you liked it! Thanks of stopping by- means to much!


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