Tuesday, December 20, 2011

IFB Project #26// Best of 2011

Ok. So here is the deal. I only started this blog towards the end of November this year, and it might seem a little strange to post about the best of 2011 when for le'LOVE, 2011 has been very short indeed.

My rationale for this post is that for one, IFB are amazing, and they told me to do it, and secondly, I am thrilled to bits about how well my blog is going. I am days away from reaching one thousand unique visits and that just about blows my head off.

I might not have a bazillion followers yet, but things are moving along nicely and the best is yet to come.

So to celebrate my minor successes, having 150 Russian visitors being one of these successes, here it is: the best of le'LOVE so far.

le'Bunting has been my most popular post in terms of traffic. I am still pleased with the design of the post; I think it is a bit fun and a bit pretty. There is room for improvement with the layout though, and I am still working through those kinks!


I am so in love with the stop motion Christmas card I made and posted for a Handmade Holiday. The video was so fun to do and really cemented for me that I do love the digital world.


I was super psyched for my 12 Days of DIY Christmas series and the response has been nice. Apart from anything it meant that I had to make things and really explore my creativity. Plus it was so fun and left me with loads of gifts ready to wrap!  My favourite piece from the series was the cup decoration from Day One. I can't wait to give these tea cups as gifts!


Write me a love letter was posted on the last day of my DIY Christmas series and I still think it is such a lovely idea.


My first Obsessions post was on the clothes from Going the Distance. I loved the process of 'shopping' for looks without spending a dime and and so super pleased with the look of the post.


Being a crazy mad art lover and obsessed with fashion, I have always wanted to find a way to bring the two together. I think my first Inspired  post that used a Gustav Klimt painting as a style inspiration was an excellent way to achieve this. I love love love this painting and if I could dress like this everyday (especially in the Balmain dress) I would!


So there it is, my favourite posts so far. I hope you enjoy my blog at least half as much as I enjoy writing it.

More new loveliness to come soon.

Adieu x

p.s Just to share the love a bit, here are the other Best of 2011 Submissions.
My favourites from the list so far are from Born This Way33 Avenue Miquelon and Fashion Harvest.

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  1. thanks so much for linking my blog!
    i love everything you've featured, especially the bunting!

  2. Hey, thanx so much for your comment! I love you best of 2011 too, especially about Gustav Klimt. It's one of my favoritest artists too:) you started you blog just in November, but you already can be proud of it! Great blog and great start up! I'm sure you'll gain a lot of followers soon (I'm already one of them) Hope to stay in touch:)


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